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Depression – take the journey; My first YouTube video

For any thing we do in life, we all must start somewhere.

Sometimes deciding where to start is the biggest hurdle and sometimes it is how to start. For me, the biggest hurdle was having to listen to my own voice.

Then it was the message not being clear enough, full of imagery which didn’t sound right and sounded very scripted; and it was scripted.

Mainly because getting this message in order took so long due to the fact that how deep into depression you go the less sense the world makes.

A long time ago, Sargon of Akkad stated that he didn’t understand depression during his let’s play video of the game Depression Quest. So, this is a long time coming and probably still needs a lot of work. This video is an attempt to assist people who haven’t had depression a way to start to understand how depression  can affect a person.

I am not a medical professional, I am a person who has been there and came back, but at times I am still skirting around the edges. I guess this video was for me to. I really need to put the darkest point in my life behind me and safeguard myself so that I don’t slip back into that state.

This is my first attempt on so many levels; explaining an abstract concept to an unspecified audience, making a video, writing  script…. And because of this, I have to publish and let it stand or fall so that I can cross an item off my list – post a public video on YouTube.

I am still not happy with the final product and in reality it is probably because the script ended up so far away from the original that I may just have to go back and re-do the whole thing.

I guess, if it annoys me enough, I may do another version, but for now, below is the link to the video if you are interested.

Be kind to yourself 🙂 – Ha Ha Larious

Depression – take the journey