Good to Know – How to change a tyre

A few months ago, I saw a lady in the traffic ahead of me who had clipped the corner and caused a flat tyre.

It was obvious that she knew something was wrong, but was going to keep driving, so I pulled up beside her and let her know.

Both the driver and her friend (also a lady) had no idea how to change a tyre, so I offered to teach them.

Why? because if you want to drive a car, you should know how to change a tyre (I will concede that there maybe exceptions to this statement, however, being female is not one of them).

You should know enough to get yourself out of trouble and besides, it only takes about 10 minutes. So why wait for 30 minutes to an hour for road side assistance to fix it for you?  And, if you are female, you get heaps of admiring looks from both men and women.

The women get inspired and the men are just happy that they don’t have to volunteer to change a strange woman’s tyre, AGAIN!

So the link below is a video on how to change a flat tyre.

VIDEO IS CURRENTLY IN PUBLISHING – Please leave a message if you would like the video link emailed to you when it is complete.



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