Good to Know

This section is going to be able things which are “good to know”.

There are many things in life which people don’t realise are fairly easy to accomplish and could save them time/money.

I was intrigued the other day when I noticed a lady in traffic ahead of me had clipped the corner and caused a flat tyre.¬†She didn’t know that she had a flat, nor did she know how to change it over for the spare. I didn’t just change the tyre for her, I taught her how to do it.

Then I realised, there have been many things in life which I have been able to teach to others and I have been relying heavily on the internet to learn what I don’t know.

This is the age of sharing knowledge and we have never had it so easy to share in the shortest possible time to the most amount of people with the least amount of investment.

I guess the first “Good to Know” should be about changing a tyre…. If only I can get the car back from my daughter.


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